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Color Powder Photo Shoot
May 3th, 2024

Capture the grace and power of your moves in a burst of vibrant colors! Experience the magic of photography to showcase your talent in a new light.


Color Powder Photography is coming to the Triangle!

Its one of the most innovative sessions offered in the world of dance and gymnasts photography. Its a unique and creative way to capture your child's gymnastics and dance skills in a stunning and artistic manner. By incorporating vibrant color powders into the photoshoot, I create dynamic and visually captivating images that beautifully showcase your child's talent and passion. The powder adds fun and excitement to the photoshoot, resulting in truly memorable and eye-catching pictures that you and your child will cherish for years to come. 

Due to its complexity and high production cost  the powder sessions are offered as an exclusive event one or two times per year where multiple gymnasts and dancers can participate. Individual sessions are possible only for the Signature package. All levels of gymnasts and dancers are welcome. 

Once we have received the required minimum of registrations, we will reach out to you with the photo sessions details and send you the p[payment link. The photo shoot is scheduled for Friday, May 3 2024 from 4pm to 8pm and will take place in Raleigh-Durham area.


Silver  $175+tax

  15 min session, 2 poses,  2 final digital images 

Gold $295 

25 min. session, selection of poses, wardrobe change, 5 digital images 

Diamond $490

No hustle and more time to experiment
45 min. session, unlimited poses, wardrobe change, 10 digital images

Signature $1000

Individual session only for your gymnast. Plenty of time to experiment and nail the poses.

2 hours photo session, 20 digital images
Add sibling +$200

    Color Powder Photo Event Registration
        May 3th 2024

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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