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My name is Elena and I am a family and branding photographer currently based in Raleigh, NC,USA.

I was born in Russia and I studied Political Science and Economics in Germany where I have lived and worked for many years in the area of Executive Education. I always loved photography but I preferred to be a silent observer and not a photography maker.
My real passion for photography started when I moved to Brazil and had my first child. Becoming a mother made me see and feel many things differently. I suddenly realized how fast the time goes by and how important is it to keep our memories. This was the moment when I took the camera  in my hands.

I am happy that after many years of hard studying and practicing I consider photography as my profession. I am constantly working on my skills, regularly attend workshops of the leading international photographers and try to follow in my work the newest trends of the photography world. 

I work  with the mirrorless  Camera Canon R5, my favorite lenses are Canon RF 85mm f1.2, Canon RF 50mm f 1.2, Sigma 35mm f 1.4.

Interview with the Voyage Raleigh Magazine
August, 24, 2021

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