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Thank you for stopping by my homepage! 
I'm Elena, a portrait and branding photographer currently based in Raleigh, NC, USA.
Originally from Russia, I pursued studies in Political Science and Economics in Germany, where I immersed myself in the field of Executive Education for many years. While I always held a love for photography, I preferred to observe quietly rather than actively engage as a photographer.
My profound passion for photography started when I relocated to Brazil and had my first child. Motherhood allowed me to see and feel things differently, prompting me to pick up the camera and start capturing moments.
 I'm thrilled that after years of dedicated study and practice, I now proudly consider photography my profession. I specialize in portraits, including family photography,

personal branding, and corporate photography. I have a unique ability to capture individuals and present them at their best, helping them convey their message through photography.
  I am constantly working on my skills, regularly attend workshops of the leading international photographers and try to follow in my work the newest trends of the photography world. 
I have lived and worked in several countries: Germany, Spain, Russia, Brazil and now the US. I fluently speak five languages German, Spanish, Russian, English and Portuguese and use these them daily with my clients. 
I work  with the mirrorless  Camera Canon R5, my favorite lenses are Canon RF 85mm f1.2, Canon RF 28-70mm f 2.0, Sigma 35mm f 1.4.

Interview with the Voyage Raleigh Magazine
August, 24, 2021

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