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Newborn session information

The session

My newborn sessions will take place in your home once your baby has come home from the hospital, but within its first 14 days. Doing these photos as early as possible is key to those sleepy poses that so many people love about newborn photography. 

Please keep in mind that a posed newborn session is different from a lifestyle newborn session that is more casual and focuses on natural family shots in the usual home environment.

For a posed-newborn session I will need about 9 m2 in your home to build a “mini studio”. Ideally it should be in front of the brightest window in your home as I work with natural light. For the baby posing I use a special beanbag and different props. The temperature of the room where the session will take place must be warm, about 30 degrees Celsius. It allows to keep the baby warm, cozy and comfortable during the session. 


Age of the baby

Ideally babies should be 5 to 10 days old at the time of the session since they sleep very deeply at this early age. Babies are still flexible and make it easier to get into that lovely tight and curly position they held in their mothers belly. Additionally babies generally won’t have developed colics, baby acne or cradle cap at this stage. If your baby arrives early, we have a longer time frame to work with, whereas if baby arrives late, we’ll need to do the session promptly.

How long will the session last?

My sessions usually last about three hours. It takes this long  because I do take care of babies needs and leave enough time for diper changing, feeding and cuddles to help the baby sooth and settle into the desired position. But don’t worry you will not be bored, the session will fly by.

Posing and outfits

I will pose your baby prior to each photograph. Not all babies are able to achieve every pose, so if your baby appears uncomfortable at any time, we’ll move on to the next pose. Your baby will be naked for some of shots, but private parts will always be discretely concealed, so never photographed.


I have a choice of different blankets, wraps and knitted cloths and hats for boys and girls. If you have any particular color or outfit preference please let me know in advance.


Before the session

If possible try to keep the little one awake before the session. Our aim is for your baby to fall into a deep sleep throughout the session and keeping your baby active and feeding just before will encourage this. Dress your baby in loose fitting clothes that you will be able to easily remove. This will ensure there will be no red marks on your baby’s skin.


What will I need during the session?

Dipers, wipes, baby blanket and pacifier even if your baby doesn´t use it. I have a wide range of props although you may want to prepare a special toy or blanket that you would like to be featured in some of the images.


Family pictures

If you are planning on having pictures taken with your baby I would suggest preparing a change of clothes for yourself (just to be prepared for any unexpected situations). Plain colors work well particularly black or white. Try to avoid patterns or printed T-Shirts.

If you would like other children in the session, please arrange for them to be there during the first or last 15 minutes of the session only. This prevents them from becoming bored and disrupting the baby.


After the session

In a time frame of two weeks you will be offered images to choose from. You will get the access to your private picture online gallery where you will be able to make your selection.  Depending on the package booked you will get a CD with digital images or will be able to  download the images directly in your picture gallery.



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